Prince George’s Godparents: The Contenders

Prince George’s christening is just over a week away, and Kensington Palace is due to release the names of his godparents within that time.

The list of contenders has booking firms and media outlets going batsh*t with speculation.  Will it be Hugh van Cutsem, a close family friend (albeit a Catholic)?  Did Prince Harry even make the second round of cuts, considering he’s a royal and members of the Windsor clan aren’t usually selected for the job (they probably figure they do enough to keep it in the family).

Many are reporting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are skipping royal selections in favor of their friends, all of whom have proved to be loyal, discrete and trustworthy.

Let’s rattle off some names and see where the chips fall, shall we?

1) Hugh van Cutsem – I would be surprised if van Cutsem wasn’t selected as one of the three godfathers to Prince George.  Hugh and his brothers – Edward, Nicholas and William – are extremely close to Prince William, Harry and Prince Charles. Charles and the family’s late patriarch were mates at Cambridge, and raised their boys near each other in the country.  Prince William is godfather to van Cutsem’s daughter, Grace, who was a bridesmaid at his wedding in 2011.

2) Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton – Prince William’s private secretary for eight years, Lowther-Pinkerton recently stepped down from his position to become a consultant for a private company.  Before joining the prince’s household, he served as an Equerry to the Queen Mother and is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.  His son, William was a page boy at William’s 2011 wedding.

3) Tiggy Pettifer (nee Legge-Bourke)  – Tiggy was William and Harry’s former nanny, and was such a hit with the boys that it reportedly infuriated Diana.  However, she was instrumental in comforting the boys after their mother’s death, and has been part of their lives to this day.  Her son, Tom was also a page boy at the royal wedding.

4) Thomas Van Straubenzee – A close friend of Prince William’s since they attended Ludgrove School together, Van Straubenzee married Lady Melissa Percy this summer.  Like the van Cutsems, the Van Straubenzee boys have been close to William and Harry.  Thomas’ younger brother, Henry was killed in a 2002 car crash, which devastated both princes.  In January 2009, William and Harry became joint patrons of the Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, which helps to fund Ugandan schools.

5) Emilia D’Erlanger – An old friend of Catherine’s from Marlborough College, D’Erlanger married William’s friend, David Jardine-Paterson.  Royal biographer Katie Nicholl claims that D’Erlander is actually responsible for introducing Catherine and William before St. Andrews.  The interior designer ran in the prince’s circles while at school, and may have introduced the two once or twice.

6) James Meade – A friend of William’s since their days at Eton College, Meade escorted Catherine to the 2007 Badminton Horse Trials during her brief split from William.

7) Pippa Middleton – Even though she’s Catherine’s sister (siblings have been passed over for the job in recent history), the fact that she isn’t royal makes her a strong contender.

Wild Cards

Jecca Craig – William first met Jecca on a visit to Africa, where he stayed at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, run by Jecca’s family.  Rumor has it that they shared a short-lived, passionate romance during William’s gap year.  Jecca was the guest of honor at William’s 21st birthday party, and attended his 2011 wedding.

Peter Phillips – Peter is William’s older cousin and was a pillar of support for the prince immediately following Diana’s death.  He remains close to both William and Harry.

Prince Harry – Harry is only a wildcard because of his title.  However, he and his brother are extremely close, so no one would be surprised at the selection.