’12 Years a Slave’ Cast Doesn’t Really Care If Madonna Was Texting During Their Movie

Madonna, you’re off the hook for now.

Though the Queen of Pop was reportedly caught texting during a recent showing of 12 Years a Slave at New York’s Walter Reade Theater, the cast of the Steve McQueen historical drama aren’t too ruffled by the alleged slip-up.

Speaking with Celebuzz at a Los Angeles screening, many stars of the period piece told us they aren’t faulting Madge. (And frankly, many didn’t even see her slip into the Lincoln Center screening.)

“You never understand what people are texting,” Ashley Dyke, who plays Anna, told us. “She’s got kids. I won’t judge her.”

“It’s not important in the scheme of things,” added actor Rob Steinberg.

According to The Guardian, Madonna also went off on the person who tried to stop her from tapping away on her Blackberry that fateful night. When interrupted from her texting, the Material Girl allegedly snapped, “It’s for business … enslaver!”

Despite the comparing a lack of common courtesy to enslavement, the singer was eventually moved by the story about a free black man sold into slavery.

“I heard she was sobbing,” Garret Dillahunt said, adding that he — like the rest of the cast of 12 Years a Slave — does not text during movies.

Since the story surface, Tim League, the co-founder and CEO of popular Texas theater chain Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, has blacklisted Madonna and forbids her from entering any of his establishments.

“Madonna, however entitled she feels she is, is unbearably rude to others around her by texting in a theater,” he tweeted. “Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse.”