On a Scale of Zero to Negative 100, How Badly Do You Want to See Pink Perform Live?

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I saw Pink perform live in 2001, shortly after M!ssundaztood came out. It was long before she began her whole knockoff Cirque du Soleil shtick. I kinda would have rather seen the knockoff Cirque du Soleil show? I want to go back in time and get my money back and save it for the future, when P!nk would begin twirling and flipping and flying around like a crazed spider monkey. On second thought, I might opt to put the money towards one of Lady Gaga’s Balls. Whatever. It will never happen, so I’ll settle for presenting today’s winning captions.

“Just give me a reason… to get down from here!” – Robin

“This murther f*cker better not drop me!!!! ” – Sarah

“Okay get me down from here bitches” – Jennifer


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