Here's Why Justin Bieber Was Too Tired to Walk on the Great Wall of China

Apparently, Justin Bieber wasn't being a complete douche when he asked his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China. He was merely too tired from a long day of swaggin'.

As it turns out, the singer's visit to one of China's most treasured landmarks was a music video opportunity for "All That Matters," a new song off his upcoming studio album. Shot by palĀ Alfredo Flores, the complete footage leaked this week, giving the world a glimpse of JB actually walking -- yes, with his own two feet -- on the famed historical site.

In the video, Bieber is also seen grinding on unsuspecting tourists and taking babies away from their mothers. All in a hard day's work, I guess.

Frankly, this may just give "Chinese Food" a run for its money.

Lyrics for the track are now on Directlyrics.


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