Angry Model Gives Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner the Finger During a Show

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Model and now clothing designer Caroline D’Amore flipped off Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner on Tuesday night during a Day by Day Fashion Show in Los Angeles. D’Amore, who is reportedly friends with Kim Kardashian, was apparently fed up with Scott’s rude antics.

It started out just fine. Scott and his little sisters-in-law (kind of) arrived to the show looking fashionable themselves, but apparently things took a turn when Scott drank too much and was acting out, according to The Daily Mail.  An eyewitness told the paper, “Scott was being drunk and rude the whole night!”

Scott was also busy texting during the show, while Kylie was chatting with friends including Bieber pal Lil Twist. TROUBLE.

No one got kicked out, nor did the reality stars appear bothered by the middle digit snub either.