Beyonce’s Over-the-Top Rider Reveals Her Love of Grapefruit, Jif and Irish Spring

Beyonce is known as Queen Bey for a reason and she’s living up to her royal status.

In Touch got a hold of the songstress’s recent rider for a video shoot and it doesn’t fall short of diva demands, including the exact air temperature Mrs. Carter likes to breathe.

So if you’re on Team B, don’t even think of dropping that thermostat below or above 72 degrees. Yep, that’s right, Bey likes it cozy.

This southern gal may also like her comfort foods, but not on the road or when she’s filming. The menu is filled with fresh fruits, deli selections and is Blue Ivy-approved (somehow we don’t think the 32-year-old singer is chowing down on PB&J sandwiches.)

And baby-proofing is a must, but the all-white décor is just begging for a baby Blue spill or two.

Check out the rider for yourself below…

Beyonce Hospitality Rider

Dressing room should accommodate 8 people.

In addition to the following food & beverages, Beyonce’s primary dressing room should be furnished comfortably to create a “sitting room” atmosphere with the room temperature to be set at seventy-two (72) degrees. The second room should have a separate section for her vanity are with enough room, counter space & outlets, to accommodate both hair stylist & makeup artist. There must [be] sufficient lighting to ensure makeup is applied properly for stage lighting & camera lighting.

All rooms designated for Beyonce’s use must be “babyproofed” (ie. Sharp corners, electrical outlets, etc.). A clean & sanitized bathroom with electricity, hot and cold running water is required. Bathroom should be stocked with tissue paper, soap, paper towels & a minimum of 4 brand new white towels (2 face & 2 body). All food & beverages are to be presented on a table with a clean white tablecloth, linen napkins, silverware, disposable plates and silverware, drinking glasses and China plates, cups and saucers.

Jo Malone or comparable Grapefruit candles (please supply lighter for candles)

white pipe & drape

all white furniture (sofa, loveseat, chaise lounge)

1 full-length mirror

2 white area rugs

2 white towels

1 soap dispenser

2 bars of Irish Spring bar soap

1 8 ft. table for catering with a white tablecloth

3 small trash cans with liners

1 Blender to make smoothies (unless catering has an accessible blender)


large Turkey deli tray

1 jar of green olives

1 jar of jalapenos and fresh jalapenos

8 Bananas

2 Boxes of Strawberries

Fresh Cut Pineapple

5 whole grapefruits

1 bag of ice

Hard Boiled Eggs

1 box of Special K w/ strawberries

1 box of Great Grains Raisins, Nuts and Dates

1 Jar of Jif Peanut Butter

1 Jar of Smuckers Grape Jelly

1 bag of cheetos [sic]