Who Is Cara Delevingne? What Is Football? Let Us Answer These Burning Questions and More!

This is perfect because, you see, Cara Delevingne’s expression pretty much sums up my understanding of and feelings for the thing we call football. Like, I don’t even really know what it is, and yet I am slightly in awe of its power. I am also in awe of today’s winning captions, which you can find after the jump. It’s not hard to fill me with awe, if you couldn’t tell.

“Ohhhhhh…..this ball is almost as big as the sun” – Jill

“I’ve got 2 Balls she can play with….. Giggity!!!” – Patrick

“Ballsy move” – Darren

“Don’t hit my face, don’t hit my face! Its too pretty!” – Sophie

“TOUCH ME DOWN!!!!!!” – Tony

“What….football? So, should I have used my feet to catch it?” – Kim

“Oh.. I’m playing football, not basketball!” – Buddy

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