Damien Lewis And Camilla Share in the Glory of Autumn

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Homeland‘s Damien Lewis joined the Duchess of Cornwall at today’s British Food Fortnight Harvest Festival, held inside Westminster Abbey to celebrate autumn produce.

Lewis read a harvest poem by Henry Birtles, according to Express and Star. 

I think the harvest festival service and the harvest time of year is very special,” Lewis said after.  “I remember it from when I was at school.

“There’s an abundance, and there’s great colour and produce – fruit and veg, as we’ve been talking about, and bread.  It’s a good way for children to have a tangible connection to faith, and actually to understand you can give thanks to something that they see every day on the table.”

The Duchess spoke with Lewis, who brought along wife Helen McCreary and their two children.

“Do you watch your dad on the telly, are you allowed to watch?” Camilla asked the kids.

“No, certainly not,” Lewis said before they had a chance to answer.