Nina Dobrev And Derek Hough Broke Up

Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough were dating for about six weeks, and then things went to sh*t.

Yours truly never believed they were even a thing (Delena Delena Delena), but Dobrev is friends with Hough’s sister, Julianne, so I guess they rolled around for awhile before calling it quits.

According to Us Weekly, “the distance was too much to handle.”

Dobrev shoots The Vampire Diaries in Georgia, while Hough cha chas on Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles.

Last month, sources told the magazine that Hough was “smitten with Nina,” and on October 5th, the two went to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights together.

“He said he hasn’t felt this way for a girl in a long time…Everyone approves!” the source said.

Fortunately, Dobrev and Julianne are still friends after the publicity stunt ended break-up.  Everybody wins!

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena are having so much vampire sex.