Ronan Farrow’s Getting His Own MSNBC Show

Robert Kessler | October 16, 2013 - 3:45 pm

After much speculation, MSNBC has confirmed that Ronan Farrow, spawn of either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra and pal of Hillary Clinton, will be hosting a new show on MSNBC, set to begin early next year.

The show doesn’t yet have a name or a time slot, but at 25 years old, Farrow will be the youngest host on MSNBC, if you don’t count Alec Baldwin’s wishful thinking age. In a news release, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said: “Ronan has established himself as a provocative, independent journalist capable of challenging people’s assumptions and empowering audiences. His show will be a game changer for MSNBC, representing a fresh approach to how we deliver news.” For his part, Farrow joked that he’s “excited to shake up people’s expectations for cable news. And to get a ton of Twitter followers”

It just goes to show you, anyone can succeed in America, so long as you’re the son of an Oscar-winning director or an Oscar-winning singer, or maybe some of both.