Technicolor Hair: Can Anyone Pull it Off?

Celebrities with Colorful Hair
What's the meaning of life? Is time travel possible? Do funky hair colors flatter anyone besides Ramona Flowers? Let us ponder.

Exhibit A: Ke$ha has dyed her hair an odd cotton candy pink and blue. Meh. It's very boring and much like the singer herself, slightly desperate for attention. It doesn't work. Sorry, Ke$ha :(

Exhibit B: Demi Lovato has opted for some sort of electric sea foam color that's slightly rocker, I guess? Demi is a very pretty girl, and thus need not distract me from her face. Demi: you can do brunette. You can do blonde. Hell, you can do red. But please leave the Crayola colors out of your rotation.

Exhibit C: Vanessa Hudgens and her long ombre spiral curls. I have a girl crush. Let's face it: you can do whatever the f*ck you want. Bitch.



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