Wisconsin Snuggle House Might be a Brothel

After The Snuggery established itself to “make the world a gentler place, one snuggle at a time,” college students in Wisconsin are attempting to set up the same kind of “Hug for Hire” practice.

There’s a roadblock in the Snuggle House’s quest to set up shop, though: Madison city officials fear it’s just a cover for a brothel.

The city’s primary concern is we don’t want a house of prostitution popping up,” assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilav said, according to New York Magazine.

Not so, says Emily Noon, the House’s assistant manager.

“We’re just college students that know how important it is to have physical touch in our lives,” she told a local news station.

While the New York Snuggery has policies listed, Wisconsin’s Snuggle House doesn’t have a plan of action in place if a client decides to get handsy with the counselor (who is not a licensed practitioner).  However, the House does require that clients sign contracts, and camera surveillance is set up in every room.

NY Mag also reports that Snuggle House is owned by Matthew Hurtado, who owes the state $10,000 in back taxes, and wrote a biography of a sex-addict turned millionaire.