Andy Murray Got a Drug Test and Saw Prince William Today

Just as he was popping out the door for a very important date, Wimbledon champion Andy Murray received a most inconvenient drop-by.

Murray was due at Buckingham Palace, where he was to receive an OBE for Services to Tennis.  Today would also mark Prince William’s very first investiture, a significant step in his journey to the throne (call me, BBC).

“I was a bit worried I was going to be late but the taxi did a great job in getting us here,” Murray said after arriving at the palace on time.

“It’s part of the job but when you have a day like today you are looking forward to, it’s the last thing you need.”

Scottish-born Murray, 26, was called to receive his medal, chatting briefly with the Duke of Cambridge.

“He asked me about my recent back surgery which I had a few weeks ago and how I was feeling after Wimbledon,” Murray said after.

“I have met him a few times before and he has always been very easy going. He seemed very relaxed today.”

The Duke had been practicing before the ceremony, which required him to pin medals and tap a sword on the shoulders of those being knighted.  He had been asked by the Queen to take part in the historic occasion, which occurs around 25 times per year since his great-great-grandfather’s reign in 1917.

Watch the investiture below