Gross, Mom, You're Embarrassing Me: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Post-North Body

New mom Kim Kardashian strips down to a swimsuit for an Instagram selfie.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is clearly feeling pretty good about her post-pregnancy body, sharing this picture of her wearing a bikini in what looks like a quiet corner of a Benihana?

Kardashian recently stated that she's been doing the Atkins Diet in order to lose weight after giving birth this summer. Clearly it's working. So what was Kanye West's response?

Use protection you two!



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  • Melissa Ann
    Melissa Ann

    Her one ass cheek was the size of my nine month prego belly holy crap!!!

  • jjvv

    Kim is back!!! thanks

  • lizi777

    Addicted to ass shots... Atkins diet bull shit she can fool herself and others. Money talks.. transfers her belly fat to her ass and calls it a diet. Lol!!

  • maxbialystock

    Fat pig. Sorry, yes I know she received dropped a baby heffer, but if she willing to expose herself like this then she must face the fans comments. Sorry KK this is puke city

  • Alexandra Luidens
    Alexandra Luidens

    Your beautiful but Kim you don't need to go as far as trying to justifying yourself to us.

  • Inanuah N Nosaj
    Inanuah N Nosaj

    Naturally people are gonna hate on MY KIKI but inside they're hurting to know beaty is always more then a BIG ASS &(sorry haterz) Kim just seems to have just that and a heart to match!!! PROUD OF YOU MAMAZ!!!! UWERKTHEMCURVZZZZ