Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Continues Enlarging Random Body Parts

Farrah Abraham Lips
Farrah Abraham doesn't understand the Internet. Fresh on the heels of proclaiming she's "not a porn star," Abraham now has porn star lips.

The Back Door Teen Mom (has there ever been a worse nickname?) posted a new car selfie on #waybackwednesday. #WTF. 

The 22-year-old not-porn star has been quite open about her various plastic surgery procedures, even taking her curious fans into the operating room while she got her implants enlarged and she most recently had a chin implant removed. So it's not too much of a stretch to think the confused young lady would get a bunch of collagen plumped into her pout. Here's a closer look:

Yikes. Farrah, stop changing what's on the outside and focus on fixing your inner self. You have a daughter for Chrissake.




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  • mmbgdr

    How could you possibly think this looks GOOD?? I saw a pic of her yesterday from 2010 & I was shocked at how different she really does look! She was so much prettier back then. She also looks so much older. What makes a pretty YOUNG girl so insecure & dissatisfied with their looks that they would spend so much time & money changing themselves on the outside? We used to think this sort of thing was reserved for older women trying to look young, not young women just trying to look different. Changing noses, chins, lips....& they never seem satisfied. There's something wrong on the inside with this girl. Plastic surgery will never fix that. Problem is, by the time she realizes that, she's gonna look like a freak. She's well on her way!