British Students Get in Trouble For Assaulting Gingers

Children at a British school were scolded after targeting fellow pupils with ginger hair, attacking them in between classes in a “Kick a Ginger Kid Day” campaign.

According to the Guardian, targeted students were coming home with bruised legs (and fractured egos, one would assume).  Some parents kept their children from school until the teachers could gaurentee that there would be no more kicking of gingers.  Police were called, but according to national guidelines, it’s up to the faculty to deal with the issue.

A South Yorkshire police spokesperson assured parents that the matter was being sorted out.

One of our partnership-based young people officers has given words of advice to those involved,” the spokesperson said.  “In the next few weeks he will also speak at a number of school assemblies to warn of the dangers regarding discrimination and violence.”

The attack was inspired by a South Park episode in which Eric Cartman declared an attack on redheads.

However, Cartman got a taste of his own medicine after friends dyed his hair in his sleep, which resulted in a turn of fortune for the fatty.

Prince Harry has yet to speak out on behalf of affected gingers.