Kim Kardashian Goes Out to Lunch, Does Not Wear Bikini

A day after The Selfie Posted Round the World, Kim Kardashian is still werkin' it in denim short shorts.

The 32-year-old mom to daughter North West stepped out for lunch yesterday in a non-revealing top and cardi, but showed a whole lotta leg in short shorts and strappy sandals.

Kim does look fabulous four months after giving birth and although the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star was praised for her bodacious bod, she has suffered some backlash since posting the revealing photo. Tweets like "Kim Kardashian is a mom she can't be posting pictures like that anymore smh" and "Kim Kardashian you are a MOTHER now I don't think posting pictures of your ass on Instagram is appropriate" suggest some people are no longer ready for this jelly.

But the most offensive comment by far was when one tweeter suggested Kim "Put on some mom jeans and go feed Compas (sic)." Mom jeans?! MOM. JEANS. This lady is a fashion mogul and an empire! Show some respect! Also, "Compass" is kind of cute. Compass West. I like it.




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  • likeemhairy

    Kris "Kardashian" (because you know she will change her name) is the biggest loser. She has ruined her entire family’s lives. First she started with her kids and now she takes Bruce down too. To quote a movie line “sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has" and this is one woman who is true to that saying. She needs to learn to butt out of her family’s lives. She has grown children that need to learn to control their own lives. Divorces, scandals, planned marriages, adoptions – keep family issues in your own home. Kris- your greed and want to be a celebrity has ruined your family. As you grow old and watch your DVD’s – your tears will stream as you realize what you have done. Cancel the show and go away. People will forget and you can move on with your life.