Checking in on This Fall’s New TV Shows

Lots of big network TV news coming out. CBS and Fox have ordered full seasons from their new successful shows, while NBC has canceled two of its new duds. So, things are just about how you’d expect them.

  • CBS has given a full series order to its three remaining new comedies: Mom, The Millers and The Crazy Ones. CBS continues its reign as ratings king.
  • Fox has ordered a full season of the brilliant Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In addition, BK99 (I just made that up just now) will share the plum post-Super Bowl hour with New Girl in 2014. Looks like Fox has high hopes for these crazy kids.
  • Things aren’t so gleeful over at NBC which has canceled Ironside and Welcome to the Family, which was pretty expected. In good news, Community will be back on January 2 with back-to-back episodes!

ABC is apparently not familiar with the “Friday news dump” and has not released any news about its new shows.