Inside Craig Romney’s Pinterest House of Horrors

“My sweet friend Mary,” design-blogger Arial writes on her blog, Color Issue, “was nice enough to let me snap some photos of her beautiful home a few weeks ago.” Mary is Mary Romney, wife of Craig Romney and daughter-in-law of Mitt and Ann.  Craig is the youngest of the five Romney sons; one year he dressed up as his dad for Halloween. He and Mary, a former Mormon Mommy-blogger, have four children together.

The family lives in a lovely home, where lovely here means interior decorator. The family lives in an interior decorator home. Each room is crammed with clashing prints and patterns; vintage signs smother tabletops, announcing  “Laundry” or “Salt;” a random gumball wreath rests on a shelf. There is a double-sided staircase joining the two floors, except that one side is just a slide. There are plush recliners in the living room, except that one chair is a swing.

Would you like to live in this house? Would you like Craig Romney to be your dad? Take a complete tour of the Romney home here.