Songwriter Spends Thousands of Dollars on Surgeries to Become Justin Bieber

An L.A. songwriter with a fear of aging and a love of thick forehead bangs spent his life's savings transforming into a Ripley's wax statue version of his idol, Justin Bieber. Five years and nearly $100,000 later, 33-year-old Toby Sheldon says his friends "even call me Toby Bieber."

Sheldon has undergone several cosmetic procedures, including hair transplants, Aquamid injections, and most recently, a controversial surgery and waking life nightmare known as "smile surgery." Sheldon said the smile surgery alone cost $15,000 and took over a month to recover from.

For his next trick, Sheldon will likely spend thousands on turning his tabby cat into an exact replica of Bieber's abandoned capuchin monkey, OG Malley.



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  • Debbie Walters
    Debbie Walters

    I agree mothersupreme !!!!_

  • mothersupreme

    he needs a psychiatrist...NOT a plastic surgeon!

  • Montana Emery
    Montana Emery

    Maybe the surgeon is dyslexic... Switched JB for BJ (Bruce Jenner)

  • Montana Emery
    Montana Emery

    Looks more like Bruce Jenner Lmbo!

  • Jules Timberlake-Corrington
    Jules Timberlake-Corrington

    Um I would sue the Surgeon cause theres no way that dude even looks like Justin Bieber...And who in the hell wants to look like his ghetto rich ass anyways...He keeps acting stupid...

  • Teri Anderson
    Teri Anderson

    someone save his poor kitten from this obsessive weirdo!

  • Hunter Nicole Yost
    Hunter Nicole Yost

    omg he is creepy looking now!!!!! he doesn't even look like Justin Bieber !!!!!!

  • Kristin Cline
    Kristin Cline

    wtf! he looks so creepy now. I think he looked more like him before. he definitely looked better.

  • Celeste Stec
    Celeste Stec

    and sadly, he doesn't look like Justin Bieber. He should get his money back

  • Victoria Jacqueline Billington
    Victoria Jacqueline Billington

    ... But he doesn't look like JB...

  • Sterling D Bushnell
    Sterling D Bushnell

    Someone should show this kid the movie highlander