A Shirtless Justin Bieber Almost Made a Stripper Faint Last Night

Bieber Strip Club
Justin Bieber is having a busy weekend. According to TMZ, Satan's child donned his best gold chain and visited a particularly "raunchy" Texas strip club last night. Here are some of  the things he did while there: 
  • Took his shirt off
  • Pulled his pants down
  • Danced
  • Touched one stripper's  ass, causing her to tweet: "He touched my ass  I almost fainted."
  • Hydrated
  • "Made it rain"
Diamonds are forever.


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  • Jason Fazon
    Jason Fazon

    I wish I could lick his abs! What a freaking stud!!!

  • Jason Fazon
    Jason Fazon

    He's a fucking stud!!! I almost fainted just looking at the pic!

  • ellenagema

    Fucking idiot... He should be playing with toys at daycare.. not fucking go to a strip club

  • Patricia Jahnke
    Patricia Jahnke

    Looks more like he's buying drugs in pic .......