CoverGirl Helps You Get the Hunger Games Look By Draping You In Weird Feathers, Bits of Twine

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When a big blockbuster barrels into theaters, it promises plenty of opportunities for cross-promotional advertising. Hannibal-inspired cutlery by Cutco, for instance, or Gravity Moon Boots™. But just because something can be done, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should. CoverGirl has released a Hunger Games campaign that features district-specific collections. How do you make a livestock-inspired look glamorous? CoverGirl! How do you make a blue foam-like mane around your face like a lion in the Blue Man Group? Why, CoverGirl of course.

There is a look for each district and a tutorial for whichever suits your fancy. Would you rather look like a futuristic stonemason under an oppressive regime or a glam sweatshop worker? With CoverGirl cosmetics, you don’t have to choose.

The Hunger Games and CoverGirl Present: Lumber

This is the look for District 7. Obviously, the goal of this campaign is not for rational and sane human beings to copy these looks, but to show off the makeup. But it doesn’t even look good! What is that, green eyeshadow on her eyebrows? Why?

The Hunger Games and CoverGirl Present: Masonry

So maybe the whole earthy look isn’t really your thing. Maybe you’d like to papier-mâché your hair every morning? Well all you’ll need for that is some Elmer’s and hot water. But CoverGirl has just the eyeliner to accessorize with.

The Hunger Games and CoverGirl Present: Textiles

Great troll, CoverGirl. Very funny prank you’re playing on all of us.