Lady Gaga Releases Second Song from 'Artpop,' 'Do What U Want' Featuring R. Kelly

A couple days before the expected release of "Venus," Lady Gaga has released yet another song from Artpop, "Do What U Want," featuring R. Kelly. We got a little preview last week, but now Gaga has released the song, in full, following a bit of a Twitter meltdown. Sunday afternoon, Gaga started tweeting out tabloid headlines that had been written about her:             The hashtags turned out to be lyrics from "Do What U Want." I guess she's saying the song is about her artistic integrity? Anyway, we first heard "Applause" in a Kia commercial, then "Do What U Want" in a Best Buy commercial. I guess we'll get a preview of "Venus" in an upcoming Halliburton commercial?

Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.


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