“Late December Is Worse Than October:” Astrologist Susan Miller Continues to Ruin Your Life

Insanely popular astrologist Susan Miller freaked out her massive following (the site boasts more than 6 million readers a month) earlier this month when she predicted the horror-filled October that was to come. Promises of fires, collapsing relationships, and financial ruin made up October’s horoscopes. But is the worst of it over? 

Outlook not so good. According to Susan, the worst is still to come. In an interview with Newsweek, Miller warns us about the holidays:

People are through the worst now, but late December is worse than October. I don’t know how I’m going to write about this, because I love the holidays. I’m worried about New Year’s Eve. I’m afraid that companies will cut back, people will lose their jobs, couples will fight because they don’t have enough money, people will drink more because of difficulties they’re facing…I want everyone to stay home that night and have a few friends over and even buy some air mattresses. It will be fun, like a sleepover.

Fantastic. And in case you were considering going to Paris for New Year’s, don’t. “I don’t want people spending money going to Paris for New Year’s Eve.”