Terry Richardson Shoots Kardashian Kollection Campaign, Makes Kim Look Even Hotter

Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever in Terry Richardson's photo shoot for the latest Kardashian Kollection. The new mom, who turns 33-years-old today, has been flaunting her post-baby body left and right, but she looks leaner--and blonder--in these latest pics. 

Kim recently revealed she has been on the Atkins diet to drop the baby weight.

The fit fashionista, who gave birth to daughter North West in June, has also reportedly been working out with celebrity trainer Tracy AndersonCheck out the sexy shoot to see all the Kardashian ladies looking fine. 





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  • cremiart

    PRETTY F-KING SAD SNOOKI is a better mom than KK drop your kid off to look like a hooker for paps. I give props to Snooki who really loves her kid. she is a decade younger too.

  • cremiart

    by even hotter you mean even more photo shop than normal? plastic cardboard kim can be made to look pretty just like a 50 yr old hooker. Ursula she stands for $$/fame. #1 fame. in next 5 years please let e and media paris her.

  • Ursula Tresvan
    Ursula Tresvan

    Lol should have photo shopped the reflection her side books and puffy cheeks...for a second had me feeling bad I never lost the baby weight Kim what do you stand for?

  • Natasha Lyn Rodz
    Natasha Lyn Rodz

    they forgot to photo-shop the reflection..tsk tsk

  • unroyal

    "Fit fashionista"? Huh?? Try "photo-shopped, attention -hungry wanna-be" who wants even more attention after giving birth, or as she put it 'pop this thing out'...what she is too ignorant to understand is that she would be on the positive end of recent comments if she were a mother and actually talked about being a mother and acted like she was the mother of an infant....but instead it's all about KIM...so sick of the media and everything K that bombards every online article and post! I betcha the next thing we'll hear is how she has postpartum depression - she'll use that to combat the comments about the way she acts and looks whenever she's with her child and to excuse away her reasons for ignoring the fact that she is a mother now...smh.