Watch President Obama Catch a Fainting Pregnant Woman, Continue Giving His Speech Like It’s Nothing

While Americans were getting their panties in a bunch over’s technical glitches, President Obama was busy catching a pregnant woman before she fainted.

Karmel Allison, one of the beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act, was standing behind the President today in the White House’s Rose Garden.  As Obama talked about the site’s minor snafus, Allison (who suffers from diabetes) started to get a little wobbly.

The expectant mom took deep breaths, but then found herself starting to faint.  Mr. President turned around just in time to catch Allison, joking to the audience, “That’s what happens when I talk too long.”

After someone escorted Allison away to get some help, Obama carried on presidenting.  Then some overzealous woman coerced everyone into clapping for Obama’s small act of heroism.

Two hours after the event, Allison assured everyone that she was OK.

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