Wishing Kim Kardashian a Very, Very Happy Birthday

Today, friends, we celebrate the beautiful Kim Kardashian’s 33rd year on this earth. We thought we loved Kim, but it’s clear, after reading your messages, that you love her even more.

Since last week, we’ve received hundreds of birthday wishes for Kim. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, and you can read them all below. If you didn’t get a chance to send Kim some good birthday vibes, you can do so by leaving a comment. Kim has been known to check our site, so there’s a good chance she’ll see your comment!

Kimmie !! Happy Birthday,i wish you nothing but health and happiness,love and peace to your family,you have no idea how happy I am for you and everything that has happened to you,i love you,you’re such a role model to me,I hope you enjoy this day,XOXO.” – Darlenne

Happy Birthday may god bless you and your family I hope u enjoy your birthday and wish you many more have a wondeful day be happy and don’t pay attention to all the hater I admired you and what you do  enjoy bye kim!!♥” – Belenny

Kim, oh Kim! I not only admire you, I genuinely LOVE you, you have taught me so much! You taught me it’s okay to be YOU, just be who you are and forget the haters cause they’re not worth one minute of your life. You taught me it’s okay to express yourself, love who you wanna love and follow you heart. Thank you Kim, I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!” – Dani

Your birthday its gonna be beautiful as you♥every color of the rainbow it will be the same beautiful  colors for your life” – Nayivi

Happy Birthday Kim!! You’re so damn fierce!! Have an amazing day! <3″ – Sarah

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY! I swear every year you just get more and more beautiful. Especially now that you have little Nori, you just have an extra glow about you! You go through so much on a daily basis, I admire your strength as a woman and role model. I hope you remember that for every person out there who has something negative to say, there are a thousand more people that can only think of positive things about you! I love you so much Kim, you are such an inspiration to us young women in so many ways! Have the best birthday ever! I’m sure Kanye will make sure of it :)  ” – Sara

Happy Birthday Kim!! You’re an amazing daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend and mom. You’re incredible in everything you do. Just be yourself and don’t care about what people say. Thank you for being an inspiration, I love u .” – Kivia

Hey Kim. I just wanted to wish u happy birthday, have a blast! You’re my idol. I love u and all the Kardashians; you guys are the best . From Algeria with Love :* Kisses to North ” – Manel

Darling, I wish you all the best in life, given to fulfill every desire, to enjoy with your little Nori and  always look so pretty! Lots of kisses and loves Alexandra from Serbia!” – Aleksandra

Dear Kim, I just wanted to wish you a very special happy birthday. I’ve been a fan since such a long time, and haven’t ceased loving you. Throughout those years you have showed soo much strength, love and authenticity. You’ve inspired not only me but millions of other fans and taught us a lot. Not only with that amazing style of yours, but with your huge and beautiful heart. Thank you for being who you are, for loving us and if it wasn’t for you I’d never really understand the meaning of “Everything happens for a reason”.  Never change, shine bright forever! Love you soo much, and I hope you have beautiful years ahead of you. I wish you loads of happiness, baby North, Kanye and your family! Xxx Love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Alless W <3″ – Alless

Happy birthday to a stunning new mommy.  Hope you have a wonderful birthday . You have so much to be proud of, being such a success at this age but most of all, bringing a beautiful Angel Nori into this world.  So From myself and my family at home here in South Africa Happy birthday Kim.” – Jacqueline

Dear Kim, Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day, because you are such an amazing person,even thought I dont know you, I feel like I do by watching KUWTK for the past few years,you are honestly such a massive inspiration and hopefully one day I can meet you, enjoy your day xoxo” – Andi

Happy birthday Kim Kardashian!! Hope your magical day is filled with lots of love, blessings and joy. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, may all your birthday dreams and wishes come true. Keep being the wonderful you! Much love, Isabel” – Isabel

Happy Birthday hope u had a great time ur first year with baby North must be great enjoy ur day love ya ” – Stephanie

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! I wish you nothing but the best on your very special day! You are a smart and beautiful woman with a great man and sweet baby girl in your life. Don’t let all the negative things said about you by ignorance get you down, rule your life or allow them to take away the pleasure in everything good! Have a FAB birthday!” – Brandi

“Happy Birthday to one of the best gals I know. (Not personally LOL) You are such an inspiration. Have a wonderful birthday, you so deserve it :) ” – Becky

“Kim, I just wanna wish you a happy bithday. Hope you have an amazing day with baby Nori and the rest of your family. Love from Brazil! <3″ – Natália

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a birthday message for Kim! If your message didn’t make it — or if you didn’t get a chance to leave one — you can leave a comment on this post with your message for Kim!