Charlie Hunnam Explains Why He Dropped Out of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam has finally broken his silence regarding just why he ditched Fifty Shades of Grey just a month after he was cast.

According to the English actor, he dropped the role of the kinky businessman simply because there’s too much on his plate. Between the recent death of his father and his involvement on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, the 33-year-old said he’d rather focus on what’s going on in his life at the moment.

“I am doing good. I am just really concentrating on work. It’s been a really busy time,” he told E! News.

Hunnam, whose father reportedly passed away in May, continued, “I have had some family stuff going on so just trying to stay focused and stay positive and keep trying to do a good job at work and be with my family and stay positive.”

The would-be Mr. Grey added that — aside from spending time with his family — he wanted to finish wrapping up Sons of Anarchy and focus on re-teaming with Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro for Crimson Peak. The the horror thriller is set to shoot early 2014.

“It’s obviously going to be a really emotional time for us. We are like a family and have become very, very close and become dear friends to each other so it’s going to be sad and finish up and say goodbye to everyone, but we’ve got like 13, maybe even a few more, episodes,” Hunnam said of his motorcycle club drama coming to an end.

“There’s rumor that we might do a couple of more episodes and do a little bit of an extended season next year, so we will see if that happens. It may or it may not. But I just want to finish that strong and go on to a new chapter of life.”