The Jonas Brothers: “Please Hold While We Get Our Sh*t Together”

Lines, vines and trying times, indeed.

Joe Jonas has broken his silence amid rumors that creative differences have split up his band, The Jonas Brothers. The guitarist took to his Twitter to air out his grievances, writing:

Meanwhile, Joe’s little brother and fellow bandmate, Nick, tweeted:

Earlier in October, reports began to surface that Joe, Nick and their brother Kevin are in “a big a disagreement over their music direction.” Previously, the band took a brief hiatus as Nick fronted his own band, Nick Jonas & The Administration, while Joe branched off into a solo career with his 2011 album, Fastlife. Meanwhile, Kevin and his now-pregnant wife, Danielle, branched into reality TV with E!’s Married to Jonas.

The musical trio have since canceled their upcoming 19-date tour and deleted their band’s official Twitter account.