Engaged Kim Wears Kanye-esque Fur Coat, Attends Kanye's Concert

Newly engaged mom Kim Kardashian kept her 15-carat ring hidden in her fur-lined pockets as she headed to fiancé Yeezy's concert with her mom yesterday.

Kanye proposed to Kim at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Monday, which also happened to be the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's 33rd birthday. According to E! Online, Kanye told friends he was planning a surprise party for Nori's mom, so Kim wasn't the only person surprised when the megastar got down on one knee announced the real purpose of the event via jumbotron. Here's Kim and Kris looking fanf*ckingtabulous as they leave their San Fran hotel and attend Kanye's San Jose stop on the Yeezus Tour last night.



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  • Marilyn Nickel
    Marilyn Nickel

    Kanya is a collector.He has completly. changed her and not for the best. His style is ugly as hell. I believe that he is controlling her and wants to be a power couple like Jayzee and Beyonce! He does not love her for her,but what she has and what he can make her do now and in the future...My rant is over:)

  • Marilyn Nickel
    Marilyn Nickel

    Her (their) greed and ego's astound me! Not to mention their roll in animal cruelty! I think that they are always wearing fur or leather in one variety or another!

  • Angelique Fuessel-Mata
    Angelique Fuessel-Mata

    Sad, she is now a puppet and wanna be Beyonce'