Ja Rule to Unmask the Mysteries of Microwave Cooking with a Cookbook

He’s not always there when you call, but he always knows how long to set the timer when you’re making cordon bleu in the microwave. Now Ja Rule wants to share the culinary skills he learned in jail with everyone, by writing a cookbook full of microwave-only recipes.

Ja made a surprise appearance on Geoffrey Zakarian’s SirusXM show “Food Talk,” where he said that he learned everything he knows about cooking in the slammer. Ja Rule served two years for illegal gun possession and tax evasion. Apparently Ja was underwhelmed by the quality of the New York State Department of Correctional Services’ meals and learned to cook for himself using only a microwave.

According to Page Six, Ja Rule listed lasagna and cheesecake as his cellblock specialties.

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