Meet Prince George’s 7 Godparents

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News of Prince George‘s godparents has come and gone, and most everyone (including yours truly) was wrong in their predictions.

Much to my surprise, Prince William chose Zara Phillips instead of her older brother, Peter.  This could be because the male quota was filled, but then again, the Cambridges choses seven instead of the traditional six.

I could not have predicted Julia Samuel, though her connection to William and his late mother makes her a great choice, and the rest were ballpark choices for royal watchers everywhere.

The selection of young Hugh Grosvenor as a godparent took a few by surprise at first, but then again, both families are close, and Prince William was just 17 when he became a godparent to Prince Konstantine Alexios of Greece.

The fact that Emilia D’Erlanger was selected only serves as more proof that the Cambridges met at least once before university, which is what royal biographer Katie Nicholl claimed in her book.

For those of you who thought David Beckham was a contender, go take a ten-minute timeout to think about your silly prediction.