Britney Spears Puts Her Money Where her Mouth Is, Hits the Gym Hard

Britney Spears is headlining in Vegas y’all and don’t think mama isn’t going to be on point. The pop diva was spotted at an LA dance studio yesterday sweatin’ it out on the ‘mill cuz if you ‘You wanna hot body … You better work b**ch.’ PREACH.

Brit, whose Planet Hollywood show is set to open in December has preemptively sound checked the lip synching controversy by creating a ‘cheat sheet’ for her minions including such truthiness statements as “Yes! She will be singing live!” and  “Certainly she will be singing live!” and of course, “Yes, all vocals will be live!” No way will “lip syncing … happen at the show.” Phew! Now, that that’s settled, pony up your $66.50 to $194 for your seat, sit back and enjoy the show.