More From the Disgustingly Fabulous Lives of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter

“Oh, I’m Beyoncé, and I am beautiful and rich and fabulous and my daughter, Blue Ivy, is just the cutest, and sometimes we like to pretend to hide behind a blanket that probably costs more than your car, aren’t I so great, blah blah blah.”

That was the caption I submitted to this photo. I’m not bitter. It didn’t win. Again, not bitter. Definitely not bitter about your far superior captions, which you can read after the jump.

“You’ll never find us daddy” – Ashley

“Duck! It’s the paparazzi…..” – Shana

“Peek a blue I see you…” – Cindy

“Quick! Hide! Its crazy Uncle Kanye” – Sidney

“I see broke people ” – Amy

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Image Source: I Am Beyoncé