What Miley Cyrus Will Look Like When She’s Old and Other Funny Things

This “aged” photo of Miley Cyrus looks the way I’ve felt ever since she became the world’s most provocative pop star (or the world’s hottest mess, depending on your point of view). I don’t yet look as old as I feel, but give it another couple of Bangerz  singles, and we’ll see.

Now, gaze into my crystal ball and see the future the funniest things I was able to dig up this week.

Nick Offerman takes us through the history of the moustache:

From one Parks and Recreation star to another, here’s Ellen failing to impress Amy Poehler with internet prank videos:

I mean, I think Drake and Nicki Minaj looked better before?

Miley’s tongue problem has gotten out of control:

Because I am in the middle of watching Breaking Bad (yes, I’m late, I know!), I found this particularly amusing:

Lastly, here’s the “Honest Trailer” for Pacific Rim:

And that, my friends, is all there is this week. Go away now. GO AWAY, I SAID! We’re done now! Why are you still here?! What is wrong with you! This is over! Fine, stay! But I’m leaving. Enjoy whatever it is you’re doing with your life, see you never next week.