Lady Gaga Has a Salvador Dalí Moustache Today

Lady Gaga is an equal opportunity art lover. Add surrealism to the art lover’s list. After having balloonist Jeff Koons design her album cover for Artpop, the daring diva showed up to her latest appearance with some facial hair that must certainly be inspired by the Spanish painter’s signature ‘stache. Gaga was also seen exiting her Berlin hotel in whatever this is. Chicken nugget head? Bale of hay? Seat cushion? Tough to say.

But for her appearance at the Berghain club, the singer opted for a more human visage, actually showing her face and said Dalí lip coif. Completing the look, she slipped into black lingerie and an opulent fur coat. Click through the gallery to see Gaga in her androgynous ensemble.

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