Miley Cyrus’ No. 1 Fan Gets Tattoo No. 22

Miley Cyrus’ biggest fan is professing his love for the pop star in permanent style yet again.

Brit-born 40-year-old Carl McCoid decided that tattoo No. 22 was a good idea, but to be fair, he did warn us a couple weeks ago that his obsession “can’t be tamed.”

CB! revealed tats 20 and 21… only this time his newest body art is an homage to the 20-year-old’s MTV documentary Miley: The Movement where she famously confessed her on stage VMAs twerking antics were simply a perfectly planned lewd ruse: “You could watch that performance from the VMAs and think that it’s a hot mess,” she revealed. “But it’s a strategic hot mess.”

Well, Miley, you got Carl’s attention. He was inspired.

“I am obsessed with her quote ‘strategic hot mess,’ he told Celebuzz. “I had to have this done.”

And Carl can thank Miley for taking up most of his body’s real estate, with not a ton of room left to spare.

In case you’re curious, this is where Miley has marked her territory. We’ll let Carl explain:

Tattoos 1 & 2: On his arms is her moniker: “I thought that would be my first and last.”

Tattoos 3 & 4: On his fingers he inked ‘Miley Cyrus’: “I wanted to make sure she would always be showing visibly.”

Tattoos 5 & 6: On his hands is Miley Cyrus’ signature: “I wanted something personal on me from what she wrote.”

Tattoo 7: On his bicep is the “Permanent December” song title: “It’s beautiful song.”

Tattoo 8: On his bicep he wrote “let’s jump the sun” from Miley’s single “Forgiveness and Love.”

Tattoo 9: On his arm is “Can’t Be Tamed” off her third album: “It’s my favorite album of all time.”

Tattoo 10: On his arm is the title of her single “Liberty Walk“: “It’s my favorite track off the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ album.”

Tattoo 11: On his arm he inked “Obsessed“: Why, you ask? “It’s my favorite song of hers and because I’m literally obsessed with her.”

Tattoo 12: On his arm is “Breakout” — the name of her second album.

Tattoo 13: On his neck is ‘Miley’ (for obvious reasons.)

Tattoo 14: Under his ear is “City of Angels” — a “beautiful” lyric from Miley’s “Can’t Be Tamed” album.

Tattoo 15: A big, bold and red ‘M’ on his arm: “It’s to celebrate her Maxim [Hot 100] win and the official symbol on her website.”

Tattoo 16: Miley’s “Can’t Be Tamed” cover art on his arm: “My favorite ever photo shoot pose.”

Tattoo 17: A portrait of the singer’s famous smile and eyes: “I had this done while being filmed for RTL German TV.”

Tattoo 18: Another Miley pic on his leg: “This was filmed for My Tattoo Addiction, a TV documentary on my obsession in the UK.”

Tattoo 19: In bold gothic old English style is ‘Miley Cyrus’ emblazoned across his chest: “I wanted it eye-catching and dominant to look at.”

Tattoo 20: Miley’s pixie ‘do and tongue-wagging photo on his torso: “This is my first tattoo of her new look. I adore her new hair and it was the hardest pic to choose of her new style. I went through a painstaking 6,000 images over a month to finally narrow it down.”

Tattoo 21: Her comeback album title “Bangerz” on his back (of course) “celebrating its release.”

For pics of Tattoo 22, click through the CB! gallery above.