NBC Is Looking to Revive ‘Murder, She Wrote’ with Octavia Spencer

It’s a wild, weird world we live in. Sometimes the New York Post tries to invent a fake scandal about new Marines uniforms. And sometimes NBC decides to revive Murder, She Wrote with Octavia Spencer.

Because nothing else it’s thought of in a while has been a successful idea, NBC is considering airing an updated version of Murder, She Wrote with Octavia Spencer in the lead role made famous by Angela Lansbury. In the original show, Lansbury played Jessica (J.B.) Fletcher, a successful murder-mystery writer who also solved murders in her spare time. For the updated version, Spencer’s J.B. will be a hospital administrator whose fascination with crime leads her to self-publish her first novel and to begin investigating crimes herself.

Alexandra Cunningham, a former executive producer of Desperate Housewives, will write the show and produce it.

It sounds crazy, sure, but Octavia Spencer is great and Murder, She Wrote is great and this will probably be great as well. Everything’s great. Great work, everyone.