The Cast of ‘High School Musical’ Is Reuniting for Charity

Alright, don’t get too excited because Zac Efron won’t be there, but the rest of the High School Musical cast is reuniting for a charity event.

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, Kaycee Stroh, Oleysa Rulin, Monique Coleman and director Kenny Ortega will all be in one room together.

It’s been five years since the first High School Musical came out and the cast is getting back together to benefit the nonprofit GimmeMo’ Foundation, run by Coleman. The Efronless group will all be at a private party in Los Angeles, which you, too, can attend. Anyone who donates $3 or more to the foundation will be entered in a raffle to win two tickets to the party. Based off the assumption that they plan to have more than 10 people at this party, there’s probably a way to just buy a ticket straight up, but that’s only for rich people so I can’t really help you with that.

Us Weekly notes that while Efron won’t be in attendance, he will record a “surprise video” for the raffle winner, which, it’s not really a surprise if you already told us about it, is it Us Weekly?

You can learn more about the reunion here: