Three Quotes That Explain Robin Thicke’s Sexual Appetite

Okay, we may have an answer as to why Robin Thicke loves to talk about/sing about/thrust his manhood to sex.  The singer talked to Elle Magazine’s November issue about what it all comes down to: The need to be loved.

1: His dad, Growing Pains star Alan Thicke, loved pretty ladies: 

My dad was single my whole pubescent period. He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic – every week. I was like, Dang Pops. He had an indoor Jacuzzi, and he frequented it. The first time I saw a naked woman was when I went to take a shower one morning before school. I was like, Who is this girl in my shower?”


2: Paula Patton encourages music in the bedroom, and likes to get weird:

“She likes to do it more than ever now. Sometimes she’ll even play groupie for me.”

3: Thicke’s blessing and curse:
“I really want to be loved. What drives me to make music is love – whether it’s shallow or deep or whatever. I want to do things that make people love me.”

Bonus quote:

Topic: Losing his virgity

Age: 13

Lesson: “Make it last longer than 30 seconds.”