Rihanna's Not a Model She Was Just Doing This and the Camera Turned On By Itself

"This is so embarrassing. I never intended for this photo to be seen. Like I said, I'm not a model I swear. I am just a regular human being like all of you. Please respect my privacy. Whatever you do, please don't post this non-professional shot on your blogs and ask your readers to submit captions. Thank you for understanding." - Rihanna

"Why didn't I just take the stairs like everyone else did!" - Maxine

"Miley this is how it's done" - Jessica

"New trend, twerk planking!" - Alicia

"Riri's definitely not a role model but she is a pole model." - Shirley

"Help I've fallen and can't get up." - Elise

"Well that didn't go as planned." - Deleen

"Oh hi, A little help please" - DavidandMaria


"There's a bad moon on the rise" - George

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