Farrah Abraham has Another Gold Medal Mom Moment

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For some reason, Bethenny‘s talent bookers were desperate, and now here we are writing about Farrah Abraham getting into it with an audience member.

According to Us Magazine, Abraham was asked about waxing her four-year-old daughter’s eyebrows because fan mail told her to do so.

I actually got a lot of fan mail from girls who were younger, who did have unibrows, and they only wished that their moms would have helped them,” Abraham said.

This was too much for said audience member, who had to speak up after hearing Abraham talk about how great she is at raising her child.

“My head is going to pop off, I swear,” the audience member said.  “That is crazy. You’re making a little girl believe that without you plucking her eyebrows, she won’t have pretty pictures. She’s 4 — she’s beautiful.”

Naturally, Abraham argued back, defending her decision.  It went back and forth until Frankel stepped in to make sure her guest was OK.