Rihanna Goes Topless for Her Medusa-Themed British GQ Cover

Seriously, has there ever been a GQ cover with Rihanna where she isn't showing off her boobs? The answer: no.

Continuing the trend, the songstress yet again strips down for the men's publication, gracing the cover of British GQ's November issue cover sans top. But don't worry though, at least her head it covered by a nest of snakes.

Shot by Mariano Vivanco with art direction by Damien Hirst, the Medusa-themed spread celebrates the 25th anniversary of the magazine. Yes, because nothing says party quite like nude women and phallic imagery.

The issue will be out on newsstands Oct. 31. For now, launch the gallery above for more of RiRi's topless moments.



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  • devilsadvocate

    @ Jherine Wilkerson That's ridiculous. "Covering/owning"? Rihanna's no stranger to showing off the goodies, and I've never heard ANYONE complain about it. Stop inventing racial drama where none exists. Frankly, it makes you look like an asshole with an agenda.

  • Marc Shakter
    Marc Shakter

    Someone tell me again how people out all this eye candy on the cover of magazines but men are the problem when it comes to the objectification of women?

  • Jherine Wilkerson
    Jherine Wilkerson

    It's so weird how you guys are obsessed with covering/owning Rihanna's body. It's beautiful and she wants to show it. Who cares? Your insistence on covering black bodies but somehow lauding white bodies is suspect. It's actually a really great example of why "Slutwalk" is only for certain women