That’s Not Pauly D Holding His Newborn Baby Girl

And the baby mama drama continues.

In case you didn’t notice, that guy with the pierced diamond-studded ears and golden tan may look like Pauly D cuddling baby Amabella, but it’s not. 

That’s Donn Barbitta who apparently thought he was the sweet little girl’s daddy.

Which would mean, the Jersey Shore star’s former Hooters waitress/baby mama Amanda Markert, who met Pauly last year in Las Vegas, was lying to her live-in boyfriend this whole time.

Well, that’s what one report is saying.

And Celebuzz has the pics of Amabella and the so-called faux baby daddy.

According to RadarOnline, Markert was living with the Pauly D wannabe/lookalike (he refers to himself as a music producer and production assistant) and she told him 5-month-old Ama was actually his. Only we all know now that’s certainly not the case and the GTL-loving Mr. DelVecchio is the proud papa.

But before that revelation surfaced this week, Barbitta and Amabella had a strong bond, according to pics on his Facebook page where he’s seen snuggling and kissing the adorable newborn and expressing how much he loves his “little angel.”

So not surprisingly, Barbitta didn’t say much when confronted about being the faux father: “I really don’t want to talk about this right now… but you have seen my Facebook photos,” he told Radar.

Needless to say he’s “humiliated” by the headlines and supposed deception, and it probably doesn’t come as a shock that the two have broken up over this.

Click on the CB! gallery above for more pics of Barbitta with Pauly D’s baby girl.