Watch Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Drunkenly Sing Karaoke

The year was 2008. It was the year that Katy Perry's debut album, One of the Boys, came out. It was also the year that Robert Pattinson's breakout film Twilight came out. It was also also the year that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson got drunk in a bar and sang Boyz II Men karaoke.

Fortunately for all of the rest of us, the bar filmed it. And that video recently resurfaced. Here, for your enjoyment, is Perry & Pattinson's (good band name) rendition of the karaoke classic "I'll Make Love to You."



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  • Suzanne Fingerut
    Suzanne Fingerut

    mrs. perry becareful with pattinson he is a cub that ran into a panther and as for cub's they don't now how to defend themselves from panther's yet. just becareful with him.