A Message to Pauly D from the Faux Baby Daddy

The guy who reportedly thought he was the real father of Pauly D’s 5-month-old baby girl Amabella is speaking out for the first time.

And he’s got something to say to Mr. DelVecchio himself and the press.

Oh, and he knew the reality star-turned-DJ was the proud papa all along.

Donn Barbitta is quickly coming to the defense of his reported live-in girlfriend, Amanda Markert, who just so happens to be the lucky gal who now has a love child with the Jersey Shore star after a one-night stand in Sin City. (He conveniently took down all the cute pics of him and baby Ama, but he made sure to put his Facebook message in all caps and use excessive exclamation marks because he means business.)

“(To All Media) Amanda Is An Outstanding Mother & Does Nothing But The Best For Her Children. I’ve Had The Privilege & The Honor To Be Apart Of Her Life & Just To Set The Record Straight I’ve Known Throughout Amanda’s Whole Pregnancy That The Father Was Pauly! I Am Still Very Close With Amanda & Want Everybody To Know That This Innocent Little Child Needs To Be With Her Mother!..I Love You Amabella, I Pray For You Every Day & Night Honey. Everything Is Going To Be Ok…”

And there you have it.

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