Ciara and Future are Engaged

Ciara, your super chill older sister with a really chill Instagram feed, is getting married. Future’s gonna be your brother-in-law! America’s brother-in-law.

Future reportedly asked Ciara to marry him over the weekend, while the couple was celebrating her 28th birthday in New York City. The proposal also reportedly included a 15-carat engagement ring from Avianne & Co. (Ciara may be your super chill older sister, but she’s also your very rich, super chill older sister and that doesn’t mean she can’t have nice things.)

Ciara's Engagement Ring

The ring, called the Past Present and Future Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, features emerald diamonds all the way around and retails for more than half a million dollars.

Ciara’s rep confirmed the news to Us Weekly and Ciara tweeted this:

There’s no video of the engagement, but just watch them in the video for “Body Party” and you can probably fill in the blanks. Spoiler: it was hot.

Congratulations to your family but especially to your very cool older sister Ciara.

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