Lady Gaga Gifts Kelly Osbourne a Birthday Cake, Is Told to "Eat Sh*t"

Well, that escalated quickly.

Kelly Osbourne reignited her feud with Lady Gaga this weekend after the "Applause" singer presented Kelly's mother, Sharon Osbourne, a cake for the Fashion Police host's 29th birthday. Apparently, Kelly didn't take the gesture too well and slammed the Mother Monster on her Twitter, writing:

Kelly the posted a photo of the cake on her Instagram, captioning the snapshot, "#EatMyS**t #Hypocrisy."

According to Gaga, the cake was meant as a "peace offering" to quell their feud, which stems all the way back to 2009 when Gaga's fans started bombarding Kelly with death threats after she had called the singer a "butterface." Gaga responded Sunday following her appearance on UK's The X Factor

Earlier this year, Gaga had written a blog post about the issues with Kelly's E! fashion show, berating the TV host for "pointing in the camera, laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals" after Kelly had said that Gaga's weight gain had made her look pregnant.

Though Sharon previously blamed Gaga for not taking responsibility for her fans' hateful messages, the Hollywood matriarch seemed to have buried the hatchet with Gaga after receiving the cake, tweeting:



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  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    Not that I'm any fan of Lady Gaga's - I think she's a piece of shit hack - but Kelly Osbourne is such an incredibly negative person. All drama, never a single nice thing to say about anyone, just like her mother. And yet for some reason guys keep lining up one after the other to get engaged to her. Not marry her, mind you, just to get engaged. She hasn't had one lead to the altar yet and she's been engaged three or four times.

  • spookym

    I don't get it, the "u" key is three keys away from the "r" key. How in the would did this happen? Gaga eat caca.