Are Khloé and Lamar Back Together?

It looks like Khloé and Lamar might not be headed for a split after all. A photo of Lamar leaving Kanye West's concert on Monday night was posted on TMZ this morning and suggests perhaps the couple might be spending more time together in a bid to save their marriage.

Lamar was photographed arriving at the Staples Center in Los Angeles alone Monday night after apparently attending the Yeezus show, while Khloé posted this photo to her Instagram account with the tweet:

Supposedly the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan was at the show and mom Kris even gave Lamar a big hug. However, no photos of the encounter have surfaced as of yet. Stay tuned.

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  • Kimberley O'Brien
    Kimberley O'Brien

    LOL I actually thought they were divorced already. No wait, that's Kim and that basketball player.

  • Sherry Cutcher- Highbaugh
    Sherry Cutcher- Highbaugh

    *Keep the faith ..!

  • Sherry Cutcher- Highbaugh
    Sherry Cutcher- Highbaugh

    his drug addiction has nothing to do with the love he has for her.. He just needs to stay vigilant with his rehab... and she needs to love him and help him through this as long as he is trying. Keep the f

  • Gilbert Cathy Rodriguez
    Gilbert Cathy Rodriguez

    Yes they should stay together no marriage is perfect and if there still in love y not

  • Melissa Kaye Sayers
    Melissa Kaye Sayers

    YEAH!!! Two good people who belong together...don't give up!!

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith

    if you love someone fight for your relationship

  • Ruth Ann Gutierrez
    Ruth Ann Gutierrez

    I really want them to stay together. I love Khloe and Lamar. I have faith in their marriage.