Kelly Osbourne Apologizes to Lady Gaga After Telling Her to “Eat Sh*t”

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The saga is coming to a close.

After blasting Lady Gaga for delivering a birthday cake to her mother, Sharon Osbourne, as a peace offering to end their feud, Kelly Obsourne is turning over a new leaf and apologizing for her behavior.

“I acted like a child last night,” the Fashion Police co-host tweeted to the Mother Monster Monday night. “Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I dont want 2 fight anymore.”

Previously, Kelly slammed Gaga for trying to make nice through her mom by gifting her with a cake instead of reaching out, captioning a photo of the gift “#EatMySh*t #Hypocrisy.”

The two had been feuding since 2003 when Kelly called Gaga a “butterface” on her fashion show. Since then, the TV host has been flooded with hate mail from the songstress’ fans, prompting Kelly and her family to blame Gaga for not taking responsibility for ending the hate.